Rhinolight shines new hope for hayfever sufferers

Rhinolight shines new hope for hayfever sufferers


The Australian Allergy Centre is committed to offering evidence based options for our allergic rhinitis patients and is proud to offer Rhinolight treatment as a novel new approach to control symptoms of hayfever.

Allergic rhinitis, although not life threatening, significantly affects the quality of the patient’s daily life.

The three major steps in the treatment of the condition are:

 Avoidance of allergens

 Symptom control such as an antihistamines and nasal steroid sprays

 Immunotherapy or desensitization to the allergy

Avoidance of the allergen is not always possible and symptom relief is often limited, despite the availability of a number of pharmacological options. Specific immunotherapy demands a high level of cooperation on the part of the patient for at least three years.

However, a new evidence based treatment has been endorsed by the Australian Allergy Centre. Endonosal phototherapy with the Rhinolight device for the treatment of immunoglobulin E-mediated allergic rhinitis is a new option that utilizes the imnmunosuppressive effects of UV radiation.

Rhinolight uses 5% UV-B, 25% UV-A plus 70% visible light, shone up the nostril for 2-3 minutes, to knock out the basophils, mast cells and eosinophils that mediate the allergic reaction in the nose.

Rhino-therapy has been proven to lead to a significant improvement of clinical symptoms for sneezing, nasal itching, and total nasal score, compared to baseline. Phototherapy has an immunosuppresive effect and phototherapeutic methods utilising both UV and visible light are widely used for the therapy of various inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dematitis.


Benefits of Rhinolight:

 Helps to quick;y reduce allergic symptoms, which can also enable the patient to then start allergen immunotherapy, which may otherwise have exacerbated already severe symptoms

 Cost-effective and safe

The results of additional studies have been presented at various medical conferences and in abstracts. Reports in the literature confirm that phototherapy is a well-established and successful treatment of atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases.

The Australian Allergy Centre is proud to offer Rhinolight as a treatment option for allergic rhinitis sufferers.

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