Contact Patch Testing

Who should consider a contact patch test?

  • Occupational rashes
  • Anatomically localised skin rashes such as face, eyelids or hands
  • Hand dermatitis
  • Uncontrolled dermatitis

Which Contact Patch test do you use?

We use Chemotechnique diagnostics which and test from the ABS-60 which is Australia’s most common allergens causing Allergic Contact Dermatitis.

How do I prepare for a Contact patch test?

The administration of oral corticosteroids, and application of topical corticosteroids to the test area (upper back), must be ceased two weeks prior to patch testing, and continue to be avoided for the duration of the patch test and review period. This is important as such pharmacological treatments may suppress or alter a positive reaction and interfere with accurate test interpretation


How do you do perform the test?

Patches are typically placed on an individual’s back and worn for 48 hours. The test area is then examined for signs of an allergic reaction at 48 and 72-96 hours following initial patch application.

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The Australian Allergy Centre is a Mixed Billing provider. Generally, we operate under Medicare's Fully Paid payment method. This means that where your account has been paid in full on the day of your appointment, reimbursement of the Medicare rebate will be made to your nominated bank account almost immediately. This payment will be initiated by swiping your EFTPOS card via the Easyclaim system. Please ensure you have an active Debit Card available to process this reimbursement on the day of your appointment. There are a number of different treatment regimens and protocols that can be utilised. Therefore, the costs and Medicare rebates will be summarised for you when you confirm.

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