Medical Airway Checks

What’s a Medical Airway Check?

The Medical Airway Check assesses a child’s breathing and outlines any potential reversible cause of airway blockage such as an enlarged adenoid, allergic rhinitis or deviated nasal septum – all within one comprehensive appointment. The Medical Airway Check was designed to help bridge the growing gap between oral health professionals, ENT, GPs, Allergy and, Sleep medicine specialists.

Why Medical Airway Checks?

This unique new approach evolved from working with our local orthodontists and dentists who were keen to offer their patients, especially kids with malocclusions, an all-inclusive integrative airway check prior to them getting orthodontics.

The aim of a Medical Airway Check is to report back on whether:

  • There are allergies and how to best treat them

  • Presence of any nasal or pharyngeal airway blockages and whether they are medically reversible or require surgery

  • Any underlying cause for a child’s malocclusions

  • Any contributing issues that may contribute to possible failure of orthodontic or oromyofunctional treatments, if left untreated.

Who should get a medical airway check?

A medical airway check is recommended for children who may require treatment for crooked teeth or jaws who are:

  • Mouth breathing

  • Snoring

  • Teeth grinding

  • Tongue thrusting

  • Crowded teeth

  • Signs of possible airway obstruction

Who performs a Medical Airway Check?

The medical airway check is performed by a GP up skilled in a medical airway evaluations who is accredited in GP shared care orthodontics.

The check does not replace the need for an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. An ENT may be required for consultation, if any surgery is required.

What happens on the day?

Please read Medical Airway Check: “What To Expect On The Day

What if a surgeon or specialist is needed?

If a paediatric ENT surgeon or sleep specialist is needed, you will be notified of an upcoming case conference involving a specialist consult.

How to book

The Australian Allergy Centre is a Mixed Billing provider. Generally, we operate under Medicare's Fully Paid payment method. This means that where your account has been paid in full on the day of your appointment, reimbursement of the Medicare rebate will be made to your nominated bank account almost immediately. This payment will be initiated by swiping your EFTPOS card via the Easyclaim system. Please ensure you have an active Debit Card available to process this reimbursement on the day of your appointment. There are a number of different treatment regimens and protocols that can be utilised. Therefore, the costs and Medicare rebates will be summarised for you when you confirm.

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