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If you have an urgent same-day referral, please call 1300 156 649 to request your patient be triaged urgently

Medical Practitioners
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How to refer for medical airway assessments
Training and Education

Australian Allergy Centre (AAC) offers post graduate GP and nurse training placements for those requiring mentorship positions for special skills training in Allergy. ENT and oral medicine.

Current clinical courses available:

Allergy and ENT Practical Skills

If you would like to find out more about how to become GP accredited in Allergy, ENT or perform medical airway examinations please contact Dr Suzan Bekir, our clinical director, on

Are you a General Practitioner looking for a unique opportunity to diversify your career? Curious about how it could help you mix-it-up with a day or more a week in a special skills clinic? Watch below to learn more.

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