Allergy Treatments

Australian Allergy Centre offers patients a wide range of Allergy Treatments. Our Allergy Kits, Courses, Classes and Case conferences are part of our long-term plan to bring holistic treatment options direct to our patients.

Allergy Kits

Shop your Allergy essentials, full of our recommended Allergy products to make living with allergies a whole lot easier.

Our Doctors may have recommended an Allergy product. You can purchase it in-clinic or soon at our online shop.

Our retail produicts include:

  • 6 week medical challenge kit
  • 6 week sinusitis kit
  • 6 week sleep kit
  • Eczema wet sressings kit
  • Dust mite beddings
  • Asthma spacers
  • Aromatherapy kits
  • Books: Kids Food Allergy for Dummies
  • Home cleaning
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air purifiers
  • Antibacterial cloth

Allergy Courses

Our Doctors may have prescribed an allergy self care course. By enlisting in a course you’re getting support, care and guidance, every step of the way.

Get more information about your prescribed course here:

Classes – Coming soon

As part of our commitment to providing self-management solutions for our patients, Australian Allergy Centre is committed to community education.

Sometimes we need to get re-educated, re-learn the basics or learn what’s most up to date especially in Soon, you will find here links to one-on-one educators, support groups for our patients, carers and friends, convenient online courses and our group class timetables.

Allergy Action plans

Our healthcare professionals will work with you to create an Asthma Action Plan, or Allergy Action Plan for anaphylaxis.

The importance of a safe environment for young allergy sufferers cannot be overemphasized. We also update existing adrenaline autoinjector scripts annually.

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