Allergy Testing

An “allergy” is a hypersensitivity to a particular substance that is normally harmless to most other people. We call these allergy causing substances “allergens”.

These can induce a reaction when inhaled (airborne allergens), touched (contact allergens) or ingested (food allergens). Allergy sufferers may display a range of allergic symptoms in response to allergen contact.

At Australian Allergy Centre we aim is to increase access to allergy diagnosis to Australians. Allergy diagnosis are among the most in-demand health services in Australian. In some places it can take more that a year to get an allery test.

Allergy testing is performed to confirm a suspected allergy. It is usually performed on people with suspected allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma or reactions to insect stings or foods. 
Allergy testing is only part of an allergy assessment, and it is used together with your clinical history to assess if you have allergies.

At Australian Allergy Centre we offer our patients access to the below allergy investigation services:

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