Yes, we offer alternative hay fever treatments

Rhinolight® Phototherapy is a treatment of the nasal mucosa suitable for patients who suffer from allergic rhinitis (hay fever).

It is a “reliever” for allergic rhinitis and not a cure. Although, not considered a first line treatment, Rhinolight® is a non-drug option that is shining hope for many Allergy sufferers.

How Rhinolight ® works

Phototherapy dampens the body’s immune response to inhaled allergens (such as pollens, moulds, animal dander and mites) and the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, by inhibiting the release of histamine (and other inflammatory markers) from the mast cells situated within the lining of the nose

How long does results last

Treatment results can last up to 12 months.

Important Rhinolight ® Facts

  • RhinolightTM is a light based treatment, a combination of UV-B (5%), UV-A (25%) and visible light (70%) into the nasal cavity that utilizes the immunosuppressive effects of UV radiation to minimize allergy rhinitis symptoms.
  • Rhinolight® is quick, painless and very effective.
  • Patients are required to undergo eight treatments within a six week period.

Rhinolight ® side effects

Side effects are minimal Some patients experience a dry, crusty nose during the course of their Rhinolight ® treatments, however this is only temporary and can be remedied by application of our Rhinolight® oil.

Rhinolight ® results

Results from studies show an improvement in allergy symptoms not requiring any medication for up to 12 months.

Is Rhinolight ® safe?

To date, there has been no reported long term side effects of this treatment nor any concerns with its safety. It is safe to use in pregnancy and in children 6 years and up.

Who is suitable for Rhinolight ® ?

  • Rhinolight® is not a cure for allergic rhinitis nor is it considered first line treatment for allergic rhinitis.
  • Our Doctors will assess your suitability for Rhinolight® as a treatment option.
  • It is not suitable for patients with severe deviated nasal septum or those with infection.
  • Rhinolight® is indicated for chronic perennial or seasonal allergic rhinitis.
  • It can be used with other medications or on its own.
  • It can be used for patients seeking a “steroid holiday” or whom need “flare cover” when initiating immunotherapy or during seasonal relapses.

How long does Rhinolight ® take?

Rhinolight® treatments start at 2 minutes and increase by small increments until 3 minutes per nostril is reached.

About Rhinolight ® courses

Your Doctor will discuss which treatment regime is most appropriate for your needs. However a standard regime will be to perform Rhinolight twice weekly.

How to start Rhinolight ®

Make an appointment to see our Doctors who will assess your suitability, perform, monitor and evaluate the treatments efficacy.

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