Case Conferences

It takes a whole team to care for patients with chronic allergies which is why pioneered a real-time solution giving you immediate access to a connected team of Allergy specialists.

Australian Allergy Centre believes in connected health care teams which is why we embraced new ways and our GP shared care framework to deliver excellence in patient health care for all Australians. Face to face case conferencing and tele-case conferencing with our hosted Allergy clinics allows patients to connect with an entire allergy team, anytime and anywhere.

If your condition requires a surgical opinion or you already have a specialist involve in your care, then your case requires collective expertise to be shared and your medical plans to be updated in real-time

if you’ve been invited to take part in a case conferences, you’re part of a revolution of health care insisting on getting you answers sooner and getting you well sooner, too.

If this is your first case conference, make sure you read your About Case Conference and ensure you have understood what to expect on the day and you’ve signed your Initiate Case Conference Documents to confirm your case conference arrangements.


What is case conferencing?

If your condition requires the views of surgeons or other inter-speciality health professionals, our unique collective care case conferences gives you the assurance of seeing your health care team connected to co-manage your condition with their collective experience - all in one room.

What is tele-case conferencing?

For satellite clinics, tele-case conferencing is a real-time case conference performed as a teleconsultation with our specialist partners. Your GP and Nurse will dial into a case conference with their shared care specialist partners for specialist input.

Our specialist partners

We have learned up with our local experts whom we work with to provide you already with specialist partners in:

  • Allergy
  • ENT
  • Orthodontics
  • Speech pathology
  • Oromyofuctional theraphy
  • Dietician
  • Paediatrics
  • Respiratory and Sleep medicine

That means, as soon as you walk though the case conference door you have an entire connected learn behind you.

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