Teaching your child about food allergies

Teaching your child about food allergies


Amidst a food allergy epidemic, the education of children about food allergies is becoming increasingly important. Fortunately, there are many food allergy related children’s books now available, which are ideal educational resources for families, childcare centres and schools.

With fun adventures, engaging illustrations and relatable characters and experiences, books are a great tool to help children understand and learn to cope with their food allergies.

There are an assortment of books available with different themes. Some aim to help enable children to develop strategies for managing their food allergies in different situations. For example a series of books written by Bethany Tucker, follow Jeremy, a wallaby with severe allergies to egg and nuts, to school, school camp, and a birthday party.

Other books are intended to normalise food allergies, and help build the confidence of children with food allergies.  “Why am I different?” by Naomi Antenucci, is a story which reassures children that everybody is different in their own way, and that they like everybody else, can still enjoy life.

“Everyday Cool with Food Allergies” by paediatric allergist Dr Michael Pistiner, is meant as a resource for both children and caregivers. In this book, caregivers are coached in how to create supportive environments, and ways of teaching and empowering children to participate within their own food allergy management.

Food allergy related children’s books are not only for children with diagnosed food allergies. All children need to be taught about food allergies and the significance of not sharing food. It is crucial food allergies are normalised, not only to protect children’s safety, but to reduce the likelihood of children with food allergies being excluded and bullied.

There is an extensive range of food allergy related children’s books and other educational resources available via the Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia website at https://www.allergyfacts.org.au/shop

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