Stop Sneezing! New NON DRUG treatment fighting hay fever this allergy season.

Stop Sneezing! New NON DRUG treatment fighting hay fever this allergy season.


As we enter the worst allergy season in history, then you probably know someone right now who is suffering from runny nose, itchy nose, sneezing, itchy watery eyes or blocked nose who would benefit from knowing about this new allergy treatment offered by Allergy Doctors with no cost to the patient.

RHINOLIGHT is the newest non drug hay fever treatment that will bring welcome relief to those suffering from seasonal allergies. And the best news of all – there is no cost to the patient!

For most people, spring is a time for enjoying the outdoors after emerging from our long winter sleep. But for those of you who suffer from hay fever, it can be a painful time. Watery eyes, sneezing, and runny noses are some of the symptoms of hay fever that hold you back from enjoying what should be one of the best times of the year.

But there’s some good news for those looking for a new hay fever treatment. And that’s Rhinolight®.

Rhinolight® is a phototherapy treatment of the nasal mucus suitable for patients who suffer from hay fever. Rhinolight® treatment reduces the body’s immune response to inhaled allergens like pollens, moulds, animal skin, and mites, while also reducing the symptoms of hay fever.

Treatment involves exposing the nasal cavities to light at a particular wavelength (5% UV-B, 25% UV-A plus 70% visible light) for 2-3 minutes at a time, which reduces the cells’ ability to recognise and respond to inhaled allergens, and release histamine, which is responsible for the symptoms of allergic rhinitis (Rhinolight Ltd., 2014).

The Benefits of Rhinolight® as a Hay Fever Treatment

According to clinical trials, there are several benefits to using Rhinolight® as a hay fever treatment.

Rhinolight® significantly decreases the severity of common symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, nasal itching and nasal blockage, for up to 12 months. (Koreck et al., 2005)
It’s appropriate for children as young as 6, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and athletes who are banned from using steroids. (Rhinolight Ltd.)
Rhinolight® is painless hay fever treatment with minimal side effects. Patients won’t feel heat or burning during treatments. The only side effect is a temporary dryness of the nose, which can be relieved with a little vitamin E oil.
Rhinolight® phototherapy is a good hay fever cure for chronic seasonal allergy sufferers who are unresponsive to conventional anti-allergic or hay fever treatment.
For patients with severe symptoms, Rhinolight® may be performed as a complimentary treatment, to enhance the effectiveness of medicines or allergen immunotherapy (Rhinolight Ltd., 2014).
For the most effective relief of hay fever symptoms, doctors recommend eight Rhinolight® treatments within six weeks. Patients often report symptom improvement within the first few treatments.

Thinking of giving Rhinolight® a try? At centres and Australian Allergy centre Rhinolight® is covered by our Medicare consultations, with no additional charges to you.

Make this year the year you treat hay fever without the extra pharmacy bill.
Call our team on 1300 344 325, or book an online appointment to see one of our specialists, who will advise you whether Rhinolight® is suitable. Medicare rebatable consultations with our doctors are available. We also offer medicare rebatable skin prick allergy testing to assess for hay fever and offer Rhinolight treatments under medicare consultations.


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