Six Uncommon Allergies

Six Uncommon Allergies


We all know the main culprits in the allergy business – but what about the rest? We’ve tallied up six of the more uncommon allergens, all of which have been known to keep allergy sufferers itching, sneezing, wheezing and swollen. Have you ever suffered a reaction from these allergens?


If you’ve ever suffered hives on your hands after handling coins, jewellery, zippers or other metallic products, you may well be suffering a nickel allergy. The best way to handle a reaction is to take antihistamines following exposure, or apply a topical steroid cream once the rash develops.


Have you ever suffered a rash on your feet after wearing leather shoes? If so, you may well have suffered a reaction to the chemicals used in the tanning process. Such a reaction can easily be handled – just wear socks or shoes made from a substance other than leather. Antihistamines are also a good way to handle the resulting rash, which can sometimes last for a few days.


Some people suffer hives from exposure to water – such an allergy is very rare, but can usually be treated with antihistamines.

Pollinated Fruit:

Have you ever chowed down on an apple, plum or pear, only to experience a swelling of the throat or lips? If so, you may have experienced oral allergy syndrome – this is when someone that is allergic to pollen eats a fruit that contains the same protein as pollen. One can usually relieve these symptoms by swallowing or spitting out the fruit.


A reaction that is incredibly rare, hive symptoms and itching can occur within thirty minutes of exposure to the sun – this is usually a result of exposure to ultraviolet light. Fortunately, these symptoms will disappear after soon after getting out of the sun.

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