Not “just” a blocked nose. How mouth breathing is affecting your child’s growth and development.

Being able to nose breathe is something many individuals take for granted. Not only does most normal breathing takes place through the nasal cavity, nasal breathing is the only physiologically normal breathing pattern seen in humans. Any obstruction within the nasal cavity can be a source of discomfort and have a significant impact on daily […]

How the next generation will suffer – World Allergy Alert on how climate change is affecting our health.

How the next generation will suffer – World Allergy Alert on how climate change is affecting our health. related allergic respiratory diseases. Though it is yet well known, climate change represents a serious threat to the respiratory health of both allergy sufferers and non-sufferers worldwide. Major changes to the climate and atmosphere can have a dramatic impact on physical and biological systems around the world, […]

Thunderstorm Asthma

Hot, dry, windy weather during the pollen season, is an allergy sufferer’s worst nightmare. Pollen counts at a peak, it would seem reasonable an individual with pollen allergies could welcome a weather forecast for thunderstorms and rain, with open arms. Rain could after all, help to relieve allergy symptoms, by washing pollen from the air. To the contrary, experts are warning individuals […]

Get the fast facts about multiple food allergies

As the incidence of food allergy rises, so does the number of individuals living with or in fear of developing, multiple food allergies. It is therefore unsurprising, food allergy sufferers and their families so commonly raise questions about the likelihood of additional food allergies emerging. While research into the development of multiple food allergies remains […]

Your child’s allergy test. What to expect and how to prepare.

CHILDREN AND SKIN PRICK TESTING It is not uncommon for skin prick tests to be performed on children. Though the test may sound frightening, most children cope very well. This is because the discomfort caused by skin pricking is short lived and does not linger. This is not to say children never become distressed during […]

Food allergy management during the holiday season

Are you concerned about hosting or attending a social event this holiday season because you, your child, another family member or guest has diagnosed food allergies? Don’t be. With careful planning, good communication and a prevention mindset, food allergies can be managed, and there is no reason why the festivities cannot be enjoyed by everybody.  […]

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