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Rhinolight shines new hope for hayfever sufferers

The Australian Allergy Centre is committed to offering evidence based options for our allergic rhinitis patients and is proud to offer Rhinolight treatment as a novel new approach to control symptoms .

Living with seasonal allergies

‘Hay fever’, or seasonal allergic rhinitis, is common amongst Australians. Many of us suffer an allergic reaction to allergens carried in tree, grass or weed pollens, usually during the spring and.

Eating out with a food allergy

Dining out with a food allergy can often seem like an impossible task that is worth neither the effort nor the risk. Nowadays, restaurants are more prepared for common food allergies, and are far more.

Six Uncommon Allergies

We all know the main culprits in the allergy business – but what about the rest? We’ve tallied up six of the more uncommon allergens, all of which have been known to keep allergy sufferers itching.

Bella Vista and Double bay

We are excited to introduce our Bella Vista and Double bay new centres. Both locations are easily accessible with parking and public transport only meters away. Our Wollongong centre is currently unde.