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How a simple light treatment is easing sneezing and runny nose for allergy sufferers.

Rhinolight® phototherapy is proving to be a simple and popular treatment among children and adults, for the safe and effective management of nasal allergy (hay fever) symptoms. P.

Not “just” a blocked nose. How mouth breathing is affecting your child’s growth and development.

Being able to nose breathe is something many individuals take for granted. Not only does most normal breathing takes place through the nasal cavity, nasal breathing is the only physiologically norm.

How the next generation will suffer – World Allergy Alert on how climate change is affecting our health.

One of the objectives of World Allergy Week 2016 is to raise awareness about the negative effects climate change is having on asthma and other related allergic respira.

Thunderstorm Asthma

Hot, dry, windy weather during the pollen season, is an allergy sufferer’s worst nightmare. Pollen counts at a peak, it would seem reasonable an individual with polle.

Get the fast facts about multiple food allergies

As the incidence of food allergy rises, so does the number of individuals living with or in fear of developing, multiple food allergies. It is therefore unsurprising, food allergy sufferers and the.

Your child’s allergy test. What to expect and how to prepare.

CHILDREN AND SKIN PRICK TESTING It is not uncommon for skin prick tests to be performed on children. Though the test may sound frightening, most children cope very well. .

Hay fever sufferers enthusiastic about Rhinolight® phototherapy

Rhinolight® is a phototherapy treatment of the nasal mucosa suitable for patients who suffer from allergic rhinitis (hay fever). Rhinolight® treatment reduces the body.

The Australian Allergy Centre upholds goals of Australia’s First National Allergy Strategy

Allergic diseases are now recognised as a prioritised chronic disease and national health priority area in Australia. Australia’s First National Allergy Strategy was launched in 2015, with th.

Teaching your child about food allergies

Amidst a food allergy epidemic, the education of children about food allergies is becoming increasingly important. Fortunately, there are many food allergy related children’s books now availa.