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The agony of hives

For some, hives are an existence of chronic irritation. They present randomly, burn, sting and campaign to ruin your day with constant reminder. For those lucky not to have experienced them yet d.

mould kids toys
What are we really putting in kids mouths? Hidden Dangers in kids toys.

Did you know people are finding mold in kids' toys; sippy cups, teething toys and rubby duckies- scary, right? Recent headlines in the news of parents discovering black mould after breaking apart t.

mouth breathing
Mouth breathing epidemic. And how this simple screening question for kids could prevent adverse effects on facial growth, health, academic performance and prevent behavioural issues

The vast majority of health care professionals remain unaware of the negative effects of mouth breathing on normal facial growth and physiological health. At Australian Allergy Centre and collective.c.

food intolerance
organic foods not necessarily better for food intolerances

Growing fruits and vegetables without pesticides and herbicides makes them substantially increase their own production of natural salicylates and other protective chemicals! These natural chemicals p.

A few serious things your Doctor might not tell you about hayfever you need to know!

Many people do not recognise that hayfever, otherwise known as Allergic Rhinitis, is one of the most common chronic respiratory conditions in Australia with an estimated 3.2 million sufferers (AIHW 20.

peanut allergy
7 Nutritious tips to share with new parents that help understand allergy

As a GP working in family medicine and Allergy, I recognise it's hard to keep on top of ever-changing research and guidelines on what to feed children. If only the headlines cou.

Surviving the holiday season with food allergies

Are you concerned about hosting or attending a social event this holiday season because you, your child, another family member or guest has diagnosed food allergies? Don’t be. With careful planning,.

Allergy Storms

THREE people are reported dead from thunderstorm asthma in Melbourne on Monday night after a thunderstorm ov.