Think an antibacterial soap is safer and healthier for your family? The answer is No! Infact you might want to get rid of your antibacterial and antiseptic soaps or soaps claiming they kill 99.9% of bacterial after the September 2 FDA called a ban on toxic triclosan.

The FDA has announced that triclosan, the toxic chemical ingredient associated with hormone disruption in people and muscle weakness, will no longer be allowed in antibacterial hand soaps. Why? Because there is no proven benefit of these ingredients being safe for long term use and in fact there is emerging evidence of it being dangerous to health.

Doctors routinely prescribe triclosan body washes for staphylococcal infections like impetigo or even acne and it is used in antiseptic wipes in a health care setting where infection risk is high. However for household soaps and washes in homes of healthy people the health risks is too high and consumers have now been informed to just use soap and water.

Get the Facts from the experts about triclosan risks:

Where it is found: Triclosan is found in personal care products such as soaps, toothpaste and hair products
The Dangerous Health effects: Triclosan has been detected in human breast milk, blood and urine samples and there is multiple studies showing it alters thyroid, oestrogen and testosterone pathways in the body which is why it is called an endocrine disruptor.
The serious environmental effects: According to Mike Layton, program manager with advocacy group Environmental Defence, research shows that over 95% of products containing triclosan are disposed through residential drains. Triclosan can react with chlorine in drinking water and form chloroform, which is a carcinogen. And when it reacts with light, it can actually form poisonous dioxins.
The growing Antibacterial resistance effects: According to Jennifer Yang from Globe and Mail “A growing body of research is showing that antibacterial products can cause bacterial resistance and thus decreasing the effectiveness of antibiotics. The most common ingredient in antibacterial products is a chemical compound called triclosan, which was invented more than 35 years ago ad used by doctors during surgical scrubs. But as the chemical creeps more into household products, its also causing bacteria to become resistant.”
Whats next? Yes, there are more concerns.

The FDA is now reviewing another antibacterial ingredient, benzalkonium chloride, which is also used in hand sanitisers.

So what’s our advice for cleaning hands- good old fashioned soap, water and alcohol rubs!

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