10 Things that happen to children when they sleep with their mouth open.

Mouth breathing in children is a lot more serious than we used to think. Although it’s natural to partly breathe through the mouth when speaking or doing exercise, we are actually born to breathe through our noses, not out mouths! Yes, that’s right. Humans are obligate nasal breathers. This means, if you breathe through your […]

Naturally effective mould spray : Guide for the home

Quick Tips to cleaning household mould. Cleaning Kids ToysThe classic bleach-bath water mixtureIngredients1/2-3/4 cup bleach (white king, domestos)Tub of water (bath tub or deep laundry tub suitable) MethodAdd Bleach into the tub of water. Soak toys overnight and the next day squeeze residue water out of the toys. Then lay out to sun and air […]

The agony of hives

For some, hives are an existence of chronic irritation. They present randomly, burn, sting and campaign to ruin your day with constant reminder. For those lucky not to have experienced them yet doesn’t mean you won’t. There is a 15% chance you could get hives at least once in your lifetime (girls, your chances are […]

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