Surviving the holiday season with food allergies

Are you concerned about hosting or attending a social event this holiday season because you, your child, another family member or guest has diagnosed food allergies? Don’t be. With careful planning, good communication and a prevention mindset, food allergies can be managed, and there is no reason why the festivities cannot be enjoyed by everybody. […]

Allergy Storms

THREE people are reported dead from thunderstorm asthma in Melbourne on Monday night after a thunderstorm overwhelmed ambulance services and hospital emergency departments in what’s predicted to be part of the growing allergy phenomonen.  The recent tragedy highlights the growing phenomenom of thunderstorm asthma; described by world allergy organisation doctors and scientists to be part of a phenomenon […]

Kids eating EGGS and PEANUTS EARLY reduces allergies! FACTS every parent needs to know.

Avoiding allergic foods when infants start solids in the hope that this might prevent them from getting allergy is no longer correct preventative advice! New research published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows the early introduction of egg (from four to six months) and peanuts (from four to 11 […]

Stop Sneezing! New NON DRUG treatment fighting hay fever this allergy season.

As we enter the worst allergy season in history, then you probably know someone right now who is suffering from runny nose, itchy nose, sneezing, itchy watery eyes or blocked nose who would benefit from knowing about this new allergy treatment offered by Allergy Doctors with no cost to the patient.RHINOLIGHT is the newest non […]

Kids’ Food Allergies for Dummies – A must-read for parents of children with food allergies

In Australia, food allergies are estimated to affect approximately 10% of infants under one year of age and 4-8% of children under five years of age (1). Not only are food allergies common, research demonstrates the incidence of food allergies and hospital admissions for anaphylaxis related to food allergies, is rising at a rapid pace (2). […]


Think an antibacterial soap is safer and healthier for your family? The answer is No! Infact you might want to get rid of your antibacterial and antiseptic soaps or soaps claiming they kill 99.9% of bacterial after the September 2 FDA called a ban on toxic triclosan. The FDA has announced that triclosan, the toxic […]

Did you know there is a new under the tongue tablet NOW available for treatment of house dust mite allergy?

Struggling with hay fever, asthma or allergic eye symptoms? You are not alone. 1 in 5 Australians suffer from allergies. Finally there is a new era of allergy treatments available for patients suffering from allergies. One of these new treatments is a new house dust mite allergy tablet. This month, Actair was launched heralding a […]

If You Suffer from Hay Fever or Asthma, There’s a Very Good Chance You Have Both.

Recent research has revealed a strong link between the two, causing a recent change in the way doctors now treat them. Hay fever now affects 3 million Australians. This means that 1 in 5 of us have to battle through spring and summer with runny noses, watery eyes, and the other symptoms of hay fever. […]

Not all facial pain is sinus pain – avoid misdiagnosis.

Patients seeing a Doctor about facial pain is a common presentation in clinical practice and seen by our Doctors regularly at Australian Allergy Centre with patients who are concerned about sinusitis as the cause of their facial pain. The main thing to know is not all facial pain is sinus pain. In most cases, the […]

Could vitamin D help prevent food allergies in children?

The essential benefits of vitamin D to overall health are numerous and well acknowledged. Researchers are now discovering that vitamin D may play a role in food allergy and other allergic conditions. Sophie Davidson, Allergy Registered Nurse, reports on how safe sun exposure and a vitamin D enriched diet could be the first step toward controlling Australia’s […]

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