Allergy + ENT Practical Skills Workshop

With an allergy epidemic emerging and a telehealth revolution at our door steps, upgrading your allergy and ENT skills is a new priority for our primary care workforce.

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn how to safely perform and integrate these muchneeded skills for your practice.

Dr. Suzie

About this course

This 2 day practical workshop is dedicated to upgrading today’s GP’s with best practice Allergy and ENT office-based tools to help treat the growing burden of allergy and ENT conditions facing primary care.

Food allergies continues to rise in children and according to the World Allergy Organisation; allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis and asthma are only predicted to rise further.

This course covers the skills and tools needed for tele-allergy, tele-ENT and shared care frameworks built to handle these emerging epidemics with the potential to reduce emergency department burden, outpatient and specialist wait lists and offer rural patients faster access to specialist care.

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100% Face to face


2 Day

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Face to face

Entry Requirements

Any medical degree

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Why this course

Learning Allergy + ENT Skills is a great foundation for getting allergy and airway focussed and a perfect entry point for any GP wishing to begin their special skills journey.

Learn how performing nasendoscopy, allergy skin prick testing and other in-office tests to give you immediate answers and an enriched diagnosis for better patient care.

Free guide

Why learn nasendoscopy skills?

Reasons why all Doctors should consider this as an essential airway skill for everyday practice.

Free guide


Reasons why all Doctors should consider this as an essential airway skill for everyday practice.


"A well presented, great upskilling course that I felt privileged to attend. It enriches us GPs with a fascinating optical dimension to common GP nasal presentations."
Dr Mark Lim
"The nasendoscopy and allergy course organised by the Australian Allergy Centre was very insightful and has helped me in my everyday general practice work. I find myself better equipped to treat conditions like allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, and knowing when to refer a patient for further assessment by a specialist. "
Dr Andrew Wong
"Attended the endoscopy course in 2019, well structured, informative and practical. Well presented and enjoyed presentations. Found the clinical cases and examinations useful for my practice."
Dr Faisal Qidwai
"This workshop has taught me how to confidently integrate nasendoscopy skills into my daily practice. The ability to look inside the nose is so helpful in clinical decision-making and management. My patients and I are very grateful for this extra skillset as part of a comprehensive workup."
Dr Kelvin Hon

What you'll learn

In this course, you’ll learn the clinical indicators and procedures relevant to performing Allergy and ENT skills in shared care general practice.

Learn how to identify common findings, document and communicate efficiently and effectively to your team – especially useful for those training for shared care, tele-health consultations and case conferencing.

Very importantly, you’ll learn safe handling and team procedures necessary to host allergy and ENT equipment such as video flexible nasendoscopes and allergy skin prick testing so you can perform Allergy and ENT shared care with competence.

Practical Skills will cover:

  • Allergy skin prick testing
  • Allergy contact patch testing
  • Immunotherapy
  • Video nasendoscopy skills
  • Video otoscopy skills
  • Rhinolight
  • Microsuction of ear for wax removal
  • Tympanometry
  • Rhinomanometry

Competency Based Education

We’ve adapted our program with modules that cover the 5 domains of general practice for Competence Based Education (CBE). Our modules include:


Revise and extend applied knowledge content themes.


Select patient scenarios suitable for allergy and ENT practical tools from everyday general practice based on evidence-based-medicine.


Interprofessional education and learning opportunities prioritising team training enables a smooth and safe patient experience and builds bullet-proof practices.


Effectively communicate to colleagues using telehealth and improve patient access to specialist care in allergy and ENT.


Refine patient communication skills with empathy and kindness and improve your specialist communication with the art of good communication exchanges.


Perform and safely integrate the Allergy and ENT special skills and office-based tools to practice Allergy and ENT shared care.

Learning outcomes

We’ve shifted to outcomes based learning and the philosophy that ‘it’s not about what you know, but what you can do.’ Here’s a sample of learning outcomes at the end of the workshop:


I can identify common nasendoscopic appearances and use a 5 step nasendoscopic check list to describe findings


I can safely perform video nasendoscopy on appropriately selected and consented patients


I can implement the 5 step nasendoscopic check list when assessing walk-in presentations and recognise red flags for urgent tele-assistance calls


I can select appropriate communication techniques to use to keep adults and children comfortable throughout the procedure


I can supervise allergen immunotherapy courses appropriate for general practice setting


I can consent and safely perform allergy skin prick testing on appropriately selected patients


I can interpret allergy skin prick test results and advise allergen avoidance strategies


I can interpret contact patch allergy tests and advise appropriate avoidance strategies for contact allergic dermatitis


I can integrate tympanometry in a 4 year healthy kids check


I can interpret rhinomanometry results for assessment and monitoring of nasal obstruction

Why our courses

Be part of something special. Here’s 5 unique features that make our special skills courses special:



Tackle modern day epidemics by learning the skills to handle today's walk-in general practice curriculum.



Be day-one-ready with a bullet-proof practice behind you with our inbuilt team training and nurse inclusive training so you can safely implement your skills.



Take advantage of a smarter learning approach by making your time count towards building competency.



Access the mentorships or taining placements you need to clinically apply your skills straight away.



Embrace the intelligence of teamwork by getting behind shared care and be part of the evolution of general practice.

Meet your guides

Dr Suzan Bekir


Dr Suzie is an experienced General Practitioner who practices as a GP and is a GP clinical supervisor for GP Synergy accredited special skills Allergy / ENT/ Skin / Laser / Cosmetics. She assisted to create the GP pathways for Allergy, ENT, orthodontics, skin, laser and cosmetics. She co-created the Australian Allergy Centre and She is a member of the RACGP, ASCIA and ACNEM.

Dr Tobias Pincock


Dr Pincock is a highly trained specialist in ENT and Facial Plastics Surgeon. Dr Pincock has been a clinical supervisor and trainer for GP Synergy since 2015 for accredited special skills term in Allergy and ENT. He assisted in the development of the clinical pathways for GP within the Australian Allergy Centre and Allergy and ENT clinics.

Dr Michael Shen


Dr Michael Shen graduated from MBBS Monash University and a Masters of Public Health from UNSW. He has a special interest in Allergy and Ear, Nose and Throat. He is proficient with procedures including skin excision, foreign body removal from skin and ear, Rhinolight, botox and wound repair. Additionally, he has a strong interest in Cardiology and Respiratory medicine with expertise from extended hospital training.

Rosalind Layton

Clinical Nurse Specialist RN

Ros is a clinical nurse specialist with 20 years of nursing experience. Ros is an associate member of the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA). She achieved a Professional Certificate in Allergy Nursing through the University of South Australia in 2011. She is a Clinical Nurse supervisor and trainer for the Norwest Allergy and ENT group.

Nurse Tiffany

Allergy Registered Nurse

Tiffany has been a Registered Nurse for the last 8 years, graduating from University of Western Sydney in 2011. She has continued to gain a wide range of knowledge and skills, but has now found the interest of Allergy Nursing. She has a passion for nursing and getting the opportunity to help people through challenging times in their life. She loves being hands on and involved in providing a holistic approach to health care needs.

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